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I cast liquid porcelain into plaster molds, clean and fire in a kiln to very high heat. Then the china painting process begins, followed again by many repeat firings; a lengthy process. More light china paintings bring the face to life.

Now the eyes are carefully chosen. French paperweight, german eyes or french, natural human looking eyes or lovely silicone human look eyes, glass, plastic, silicone, blown glass or painted the choices are endless. Each doll requires specific eyes to make it lovely.

Wig making is another lengthy process and very important for the finished doll. As in real life, the right haircut (wig) can totally change a face. I make most of my antique wigs of mohair. Human hair is also used for certain wigs. In Modern dolls I opt for a realistic look.

The doll bodies for antique reproductions are made of composition, jointed bodies or leather and porcelain. A very few reproductions have porcelain jointed bodies. Modern dolls have porcelain limbs and cloth, stuffed bodies with armatures or fully jointed porcelain bodies. Some are composition. My original dolls have porcelain limbs and cloth stuffed bodies, some weighted with baby beads (polymer pellets).

Making the clothing for my “girls” is also a joy, utilizing fine fabrics, batistes, silks, velvets and lovely laces and trims, searching for little bits and pieces to complete them. It is a challenge that I enjoy so much, giving each doll their own little personality.The collection is a culmination of many, many years of happy creation and fulfillment.

I sincerely hope you will enjoy this collection.

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