Antique Style
Modern Style

Antique German dolls were made circa the 1870's to 1930. One of the largest manufacturers was Simon & Halbig. They made heads for many other companies. The German doll faces were more realistic than the French, very lovely children were a specialty. They were more plainly dressed, more realistic. The eyes were of blown glass, quite a few had sleep eyes of flirty eyes, open mouths with teeth and tongues. Ears were not generally pierced.

6" Heubach replica - Bunny Love available
11" JDK replica - Dear Googly available
11.5" replica - Little Star Brown available
13.5" Ronny available
14" Stephanie available
15" Armand Marseille - Ami Isabelle available
15" Armand Marseille - Isabelle available
15.5" Mariyln - seated available
17" Miranda available
18" Hilda available
22" Linda available
23" Pamela Santa   available
30" Susan   available

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