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Original dolls are figures modeled by the artist from clays or other materials. I make porcelain dolls, therefore I need to make plaster molds from the pieces that I use to make a doll, head, shoulders, arms and legs. Then the pieces are poured with liquid porcelain slip. They are left to semi dry, then partially cleaned and remodeled, when totally dry I finish the rough cleaning. They are then fired to a low cone in the kiln. The final finish cleaning with water follows. Next step is a high fire that takes a day to do.

Then the china paintings, as many as needed to achieve the look you want. All fired in between. The parts are then put together, eyes, wigs, bodies, costumes. This “whole” doll is a lengthy procedure as you can see, but so inspirational for me. This procedure is used aside from the sculpture and mold making for all of my dolls.

4" Basket of babies (10)   available
7" Karl and Klara   available
9" Forget-me-Not babies   available
12" Morgan Lafey mermaid   available
25" Happy Jumeau   SOLD
24" Mechanical Tete Jumeau - Arielle   available
28" Mechanical Tete Jumeau - Arielle   available
31" Santa   available
32" Victorian Santa   available

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